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An escape to Langkawi Island from hectic work (Part 2)

Langkawi Island, 11-13th Nov 2006 (Part 2)
USSR Restaurant
Continue from my previous blog about my recent Langkawi Island experience, after I have enjoyed a treat of delicious Japanese pastry we were lured to have our late lunch (~4:00pm) in a USSR Restaurant next to The Loaf. The captain of the house was really selling her Russian food hard and initially I was not really keen as I just viewed as another western food.. Wrong!!! Luckily, my friend Kenneth persuaded us into trying Russian delicacy as it was not easily found back in Penang. Hymm.. think about it.. it is really true....

Fast forwarded to the following 10 minutes, I was sitting on a chair beside a nicely decorated dining table flipping through all the choices I have: Starter, Main Course for fish, chicken, beef, seafood, vegetables, beraveges, dessert. Some of the name of the dish is familiar - T-bone, chicken chop, but there are some that I don't understand at all (hehe... I don't understand Russian words ;). So, after much thinking, Beef Straganov is my choice: minced beef served with sour cream. 7 of us ordered different dishes and it is great because we got the chance to sample other dishes. :)

Tips: There are some dishes on the menu that need preparation and if you want to try them, my advice is to show up in this restaurant before you headed to the cable car and place your order. After you sight-seeing entourage is done in Mat Chinchang Moutain, you can enjoy your evening dinner in front of the New Harbour of Malaysia. :)

OMG, after waited for 30 minutes (oh ya, you need a little bit of patience in this restaurant because they really put in effort to prepare the dish) when my first bite of Beef Straganov was marvelous!!! The meat is tender and easy to be chewed. This is why I was wrong to prejudge on this restaurant. Hey, friends, this is a hidden gem in Langkawi which many will overlook!!! So, don't miss this!!! Hey, I am not paid to promote this restaurant but honestly speaking I hope this restaurant can do well enough to stay on the business for me to patronize it again next time.

Oh ya, not forgetting that you should go check out the many pictures the restaurant owner put up. There are Dr. M, Pak Lah, and some other foreigners and locals. Haha.. after we are done with our meals the captain requested to take a photo of us. Guess what? I think our photo should be on the wall by now. So do take a photo of it and send it to me if you can spot it please......

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