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Japan Winter Trip - 19th Jan 2007

Japan Winter Trip 2007
From Penang to Changi Airport
Just a couple of hours ago, I landed in Changi Airport from Penang. This airport is awesome because it provides the connectivity that I need to do my work (some focal feedbacks) and most importantly writing this blog here. :P

Left: This is my self-compiled travel guide that I source mainly from
Right: I am boarding 747 SIA from Penang to Changi Airport. Yeah!!!

Ok... I am actually in the free internet section at level 3 and just two hours ago I have chinese food in the Food Gallery next to Kaveri Indian Vegetarian food. I was really hungry as I didn't take good breakfast in Penang, so I got myself a bowl of Singapore Laksa and a bowl of shrimp dumplings. Together with a can of Mr Mocha Iced-chilled Coffee, the F&B costed me ~$17 (~RM38). Expensive meal huh??? Wait until I am in Osaka tomorrow, it will be even worse if I start converting the currency. So... better not go down that direction. :P

Left: i-connect Center where I write this blog from the free online terminal.
Right: So hungry!!! I am having Singapore Laksa and Shrimp Dumpling soup as lunch.

Luckily part of this trip is covered by company...:) So, I can really pamper myself with good food on those days... and on the other days I will go for instant noodles and japan snacks.... hehe... of course not!!! I am not so cheapskate!!! Especially on food!!!! :P That's why.. I am becoming fatter again.. sigh~~~ Need to control and exercise!!!

I will be taking a flight from Changi to Bangkok at 7:30pm and the flight will continue to Kansai Airport. Expecting to arrive in Kansai Airport around 6am. Yeah!! It is very early in the morning..... so my friend Stanley and I have decided to get the 3-day Kansai Passport and take JR train to Himeji and Kobe tomorrow.... BTW, Kansai Airport is actually on a man-made island. It is about 80km from Osaka and check out the airport for more Kansai area tourist destination in the KIX website.

Laptop Spoilt
Sadly the beginning of this trip was not too good as my office laptop is not working at all when I tried to login in here. Somehow, after detecting the wireless, the whole screen just gone dark. :( I have tried to boot it up many times and sadly I am in vain. Luckily, Stanley brought his laptop. Yeah!!! So, I will be using his laptop to update my blog about my Japan trip from time to time whenever possible. So, make sure you continue to read la.. as I will be putting effort to write about my experience. Another reason is I want u to envy me in front of your computer on where I have just been before... :P No la.. I am not so bad...

Company Laptop that got spoilt in Changi. What a blow!!! I am supposed to use this to update my blog you know?!

Myfoot or Myfeet
Haha.... there is a foot massage centre next to my terminal now that is called MyFoot. I just took a picture of my foot and MyFoot. Will post it after I download my pictures... So, I wonder if it is called Myfoot, does it mean only one of my feet will be massage? So, do I need to come back again for the other foot? Hahha..... :P Let me see.. if there is a shop call Mybody? Ghee.... i hope not because it really sounds like red light district shop.... hahah :P

MyFoot Massage Center Changi Airport

The time to use the internet terminal is up!!! Only 15 minutes per person only...

I will write soon... Enjoy reading my blog online....

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