Friday, January 26, 2007

Japan Winter Trip 25th Jan 2007

Imperial Palace & Garden
I woke up around 8:45am after a fantastic sleep in Imperial Hotel. By using the switch, I controlled the curtain and let the morning sun shine on my room. Awesome!!!! It has a perfect view of Imperial Garden from floor 15.

Haha... after slowly brushing up and packing u, we are set for Imperial Garden. Before we hit for Imperial Garden, we strolled around Hibaya Garden directly opposite Imperial Hotel.

During my one year in London, I always like strolling around Kensington Park. I enjoyed playing football with my college mates during winter. So this visit to Imperial Garden gave me special feeling that I have missed so much. Of course, they are two different parks with different style - Oriental Japanese Vs Western British. As the imperial family is still staying in the palace, so security is pretty tight. Naturally, no ball game is allowed in the park. I could only see a handful of people running around the outer border of the park.

Yasukuni Shrine
After we exit from the Imperial Garden, we proceeded to Yasukuni Shrine. This is the shrine that has drawn much attention from Japan's surrounding countries whenever the Japanese Primer pays respect to the shrine. Despite its controversial situation, I reckoned that we should include it in our journey just satisfy our curiosity.

At around 12:10pm, I checked-out from the hotel and kept my luggage there for storage. After that, we walked around Ginza area.

And later around 3:00pm, we took our luggages and took subway to Akasuka where we will check into Kyaosan Tokyo. It was really a small hostel room. I will post some pictures about it. Haha... but it is surely clean and secure. Not a bad deal for RM75 a night in Tokyo.

So, at night I visited the Akasauka Temple and shopping streets and have my dinner Hasyinoya Japanese Restaurant. Just 520Yen for beef rice.

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