Friday, February 9, 2007

Hong Kong Christmas Trip - Seafood at Saikung

Saikung - Seafood Paradise
Many may wonder what is so special about seafood in Saikung that deserves a blog on it as I have so many options in Penang for seafood treat - Bukit Tambun, Batu Kawan, Teluk Kumbar, Batu Maung, Ayer Itam. :)

Frankly, until I visited Saikung I must admit that I was not really keen to have seafood in Hong Kong. It is expensive in the HK island and I would prefer to have Cantonese Roast Duck or Goose which is so much nicer than Malaysian's ones.... Now that I think about it again, I felt so hungry again.... :) Especially the succulent roast char siu in Tsim Sha Tsui. Haha...

Ok, my brother convinced me to take the hassle to go to Saikung for seafood which is far away according to the my HK map. We took subway to "Choi Hong" (rainbow) from Tsim Sha Tsui and then boarded on a mini bus to Saikung. The whole journey took us around 45 minutes. Great!!? Well, sitting inside a mini bus that sped down the hilly part of HK really rocks!!! Haha. In fact, there is speedometer counter that keeps track of the mini bus speed. When the mini bus exceeds 80km/hr, the buzzer will be triggered. Cool huh?! So, wonder the buzzer even sound? You bet!!! 3 times in fact!!
A Speedometer buzzer for Malaysian Bus? Good idea?
Come to think of it, why can't our Malaysian's long journey bus be installed with such device. In fact it could just prompt the passenger that if the bus driver is speeding like crazy. Maybe it is a good idea that could have saved lives as in the past couple of months there have been accident involving bus with high fatal count in Malaysia.
Around harbour front
The mini bus took us into Saikung town where we later strolled along the waterfront where there were crowds of tourists and locals bargaining with fishermen selling their daily catch from boat on sea. It is quite unique to me. Along the harbour front, there is numerous of people walking their fancy dogs too. In fact this was exactly what had described by my brother's friend Wai Kuen. The breeze was really cold in the winter too!!!

As we walked away from the harbour, we were approached by restaurant agents pursuading us to have seafood set dinner in their restaurant with leaflet. There are 4-5 restaurants that have huge seafood display at the waterfront where many yatchs were parked. It was really quite a view of the sea gulf and it was even better to have seafood dinner there too.

It is so hard to pick when I was swamped by so many leaflets!!! Finally after much consideration and checking out the type of diners in the restaurant, we picked Chuen Kee Restaurant. It is at the other end of the harbour front and turned out to be the best one actually!!! :) Proof? Many Hongkee actually have dinner there and there are photos of HK movie stars too. So, no doubt it is the best among the others. But, I am still in doubt as Bukit Kawan seafood has high standard you know? :P

So, for 350HKD we were served 4 dishes plus an complimentary boiled vegetable. The tea and rice are free too. Haha... so my brother achieved his purpose to have seafood in saikung. Me not convinced yet.. haha.. I am from Penang. Penang is famous for seafood. No question and no doubt at all. So let's me see how Chuen Kee is preparing our orders - Lobster in Yee Mee, Ginger Crab, Toichu Clams and Steamed Fish. So, as you can quickly notice from the outlook of the dishes shown below, haha..., you will know that my taste butts are completely satisfied and my stomach is excessively filled. Bad Bad!!! Don't care about fitness for this day. Let's enjoy the Cantonese Style Seafood. Yummmyyyy......

Nonetheless, as much as the Toichu Clams are good we still felt that we should have ordered fried prawns as my head was checking out what my neighbour Ang Mo couple were having on their table!!!
And the best of all is I actually took a photo with a King Lobster!!!
Cool right ?!?!


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