Thursday, March 8, 2007

Remember 17th Jan 2004 in South Kensington

Remember 17th Jan 2004 in South Kensington
It seems like yesterday even though it was 3 years ago... but the good old time remains fresh in my mind...

It was our very first gathering in Evelyn Garden, student house of Imperial College, London. South Kensington is one the best address in London. A posh area with BMWs, Porches and Mercedes park along the road in Evelyn Garden with occasionally glimpse of Lamborghini zooming down the road.

So, what could a bunch of Asian students be possibly doing when it is nearer to Chinese New Year? Cooking of course.... Not a simple cooking session but the God-of-food Contest in the heart of SW7.

17th Jan was special to everyone who was there because it marks the start of a good fellowship. It was full of surprises as various chefs from different parts of Asia (Northern China, Southern China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Indian) were preparing the best of food from their region. Each of these "chefs" came with "special" art of cooking - the most important quality of being a good chef - trial and error. Ha ha ha....

Left: The fight among God-of-food from Asia
Right: Hey, our shirts look alike. Are u the long-lost brother from same cooking school?

Left: Baked Sweet Potatos
Right: Making Dumplings with hands. Got wash hand or not?

Left: Packed Glutinious Rice Ball from China Town
Right: The famous Evelyn Dumplings ?! :)

Left: These are the dumplings made by me and Fang Liang
Right: Ricky the Dumpling Master.

Left: Indian Chef Shreyas preparing his curry chicken
Right: Me stirring someone's food (as if I am big chef) :P

Left: Let's pose for memory. Look who is behind?
Right: Always there is no peace after a dog fight among God-of-Food.

As the night arrived, the competition ended in fasionably out of control. Afterall it was an interesting dog fight. And ......
The winner of the 2004 Evelyn Garden God-of-Food Contest???
My good buddy from India -

Shreyas the drunken Chelsea footballer.

"He sees. He plays. He drinks. He sleeps"
A true Chelsea footballer from India

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