Thursday, March 15, 2007

Let's Rock it Hard in Tokyo!!!

You must be wondering since I travel quite often, do I collect stuff? Or junk?

In this blog I will share with you for the first time after 20 entries about my favorite collectible whenever I visited a city that has it... Hard Rock City Tee

BTW, some of my close friends may get one occasionally when I feel like giving it as souvenir. So, depend how close are you to me ... :P

So a little bit about how I come about developing this expensive hobby. I actually got hooked when I was on business trip to Beijing in 2001 Dec. My first city-tee is actually black in colour and it is from Beijing Hard Rock Cafe. In fact, it is the only one in black among my other collection. I intend to share with you my collection as time goes on. Of course, I don't mean to brag about it ... but really just my intention to show you the design of a particular city so that you can decide whether to get it before you visit there. If you are already a keen collector, welcome to the club. Make sure you got the All Priority Card. :) For those not yet, make sure you are not those who get it from Petaling Street. ;) Shame shame ...if you did.
Let's start with Tokyo City Tee, my recently added collection. I got it from Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi. Hard Rock Cafe is along Gaien Higashi-dori that leads to Tokyo Tower. In fact, Tokyo City Tee is the best I ever collected. Why? The awesome Japanese warrior with katana on its belt holding an electric guitar awaiting to rock n roll all night long. Secondly, the high roaring waves with Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge behind the waves signifying the waves with rock-n-roll with you tonight. Happening it is. Clearly, together with the former two symbolic design, the big yellow sun with red background are genuine Japanese's icons.

The Samurai Rocker

Rainbow bridge with Tokyo Tower

Me and Ji Kong (my friend in Tokyo)


velverse said...

these are edo art izzit? I love their style and culture

Elvin Ong said...

I have no idea. :) Tough question for a non art stream me.. hahaha

Chee Bing said...

I love that big doraemon in your UDX photo... can it be bought?

Elvin Ong said...

Hi Chee Bing,
Unfortunately not. However, there is soft toy for Doraemon in the UDX centre. :)
How is life back home?