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Let's meet the Seven Sisters

23rd May 2004, we met the famous Seven Sisters.

From Victoria Coach Station, we boarded an early National Express coach to a sea-front city at the southern area of England called Brighton. The journey was about 2 hours with a stop-over at Gatwick Airport. Wonder where Brighton is? Click on this cool map that I got it from yahoo map.

The moment we alighted from the bus, we were greeted with soothing, fresh sea breeze. The late autumn May weather was sunny but nice as the temperature is merely 20 degree. Let's put on my sunglasses and head towards the famous Brighton Pier, a sea-front entertainment hub that extends towards the English Channel. The pier has lots to offer as a good weekend family outing destination for both kids and parents. For the dare-devils, why not take the thrilling Booster roller coaster ride that swings you over the edge of the pier with deep sea underneath. Along the Brighton seafront is no white sand beach but long conglomerate of small and big stones shore!!! Something unique for Malaysian who has been used to white sandy beaches. In fact, posting for photo session on these stones is actually not easy. :) They are hot!!!

Right & Left: Brighton and Seven Sisters Map

Left: Brighton Pier Right: Brighton Stone Seafront

23rd May 2004 is Sunday. Yeah!!! Let's pay the local churches a visit. On my way to St Joseph's Church, I passed by a very beautiful Baptist Church with facade in Gloucestor Place, the center of Brighton. In St. Joseph, I attended a morning mass together with the brits who patronize the church weekly. In fact, I enjoy visiting churches in England for their different era of architecture outlook, interior and paintings depicts important events in christian faith.

Left: Gloucester Place Baptist Church
Right: St Joseph Catholic Church, Elm Grove

Seven Sisters
From Brighton city, we took a local bus towards the Birling Gap some 40min away. The bus warped through multiple suburbs in East Sussex between Seaford and Eastbourne. Seven Sisters Chalk Cliffs are in Seven Sisters Country Park and are a famous spot for sun-bathing among the brits there.

To preserve the natural beauty of the cliffs, no fence is put up. In fact, the chalk cliffs are corroded yearly bit-by-bit by the waves and acidic rains. At the end of Birling Gap, there is a lighthouse called Belle Tout Lighthouse which is the leading light for sealiners cruising along the English Channel.

From the Birling Gap, there is a tower allowing visitors to go down to stone beach along the Seven Sisters Cliffs. Taking photos from the tower with the long stretching white chalk cliffs are simply breathtaking. I will let the pictures speak for themselves... :)

Left: Elderwise can be seen everywhere
Window wallpaper? Seven Sisters Country Park

Left: Seven Sisters Cliffs from tower
White chalk cliffs with stony beach

Left: My legs are shaking to go that near to the cliff
Right: Cliff Edge marking the end of Seven Sisters Cliffs

No fence and be careful. Point of no return mate!!!!

Left: Sunbathing with the gorgeous seven sisters upside-down
Right: The sky's the limit? Try reaching the tip of the cliff? :P

Left: Sunbathing in Seven Sisters are common here. Not for me of course.
Right:Taking a photo of the cliff that falls to the sea at this angle requires gut!!

Left: Belle Tout Lighthouse at Beachy Head. Nice huh?
Right: Sunbathing anybody? How about BBQ?

Finally, after a scenic and enjoyable trip to Seven Sisters (Peak: Haven Brow, Short Brow, Rought Brow, Brass Brow, Flagstaff Brow, Flat Hill, Baily's Hill and Went Hill Brow), we headed back to Brighton to catch our bus back to London. Before that, we stopped over at the World Famous Fish & Chip Restaurant near the Brighton Pier. Deep Fried Cod Fish served with pottato chips and yellow beans. Heavenly~~~ :)

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