Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hong Kong Peak

Hong Kong Victoria Peak 香港太平山
How can a visit to Hong Kong without Victoria Peak be complete? Yes, it is the top 5 tourist spots in Hong Kong and every year millions of people have paid this peak a visit. Not for its height because it is merely 400 metres but for its magnificient panoramic view of Hong Kong sky scrappers.

How to get there? Take J2 Exit at Central Station and walk along Garden Road between The Bank of China building and The Cheung Kong Centre. Peak Tram Lower Terminus is just after St. John Cathedral. I will let the map I captured from Google be your guide. :)
The tram ride has the steepest gradient at 27 degree from horizontal. It is a two-way reverse funicular system with 1365metres track. The fare is HK$33 for adult and HK$15 for children. If you plan to visit Madame Taussaud's Wax Museum, the ticketing booth is at the Peak Tram Lower Terminus.

The journey for Alex and me to Victoria Peak was great with a little disappointment and an unexpected encounter. From the lower terminus, around 7:00pm, with a heart full of excitement we took the tram ride that brought us to the peak in ~8minutes. The tram cut through forest area with beautiful condominiums by the foot hill and beautiful view of Hong Kong Island slowly became visible on the right side as the tram ascends to the upper terminus. The beautiful scenes of the 8:30pm musical laser show at Victoria Harbour were fresh in my mind. Yes, it is for this reason that we decided to go up to the peak before the 8:30pm show start.

As the tram arrived at the Peak Terminus, the cold winter at the peak became even colder. Shivering am I inside that I quickly found the heated terminus cum shopping mall welcoming. With no plan for shopping or dining, we proceeded to the top floor where the open-air observatory is. The strong wind was the real challenge that we had to withstand to grab a good position in the observatory to snap panoramic photos of the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Check them out ...

Peak Tram

Call me Boon. Elvin, Boon. Ha ha ha :P

As the long hand ticks towards 8:30pm, the laser show started with synchronized running lights across the city buildings and laser beams directed towards the sky. However, the peak was definitely not the best place to enjoy the laser show. I was disappointed but somewhat hang around the peak to capture those beautiful Hong Kong night views, not in the camera memory stick but my mind. So, this is the blow that disappoints me ......


Presenting a couple that we met at the peak. They were trying to take a couple photo of the night view but their camera couldn't produce any good snap. My brother was besides them and offered to help. After some exchange of words, we came to realize that they are Malaysian. Isaac is from Prai and May is from Sg. Siput which is very near my hometown. Breaking through being just acquanitances, four-of-us headed to Mongkok for steamboat and eventually they paid us a visit during recent 2007 CNY. This is what I mean by unexpected encounter and we gained new friendship at the Hong Kong peak.

The lovely friendly couple - May & Isaac

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