Saturday, July 21, 2007

Akihabara: City of Anime, Manga & Electronics..

Akihabara, Tokyo
I am not a big Japanese manga or anime fan.... But, ever since I watched Death Note and then followed its anime series on youtube, my interest towards Japanese anime slowly flourishes. :) What could be more complete than to be at the center of Japanese anime culture - Akihabara. I never could believe that anime drawing is an academic discipline until I visited UDX myself. Definitely an enlightenment for me.

Yeah, anime is a culture so deeply rooted into Japanese society where almost certainly ones could see not only youngsters but working adults grabbing a copy of manga while commuting in metro train. Perhaps, such culture is no less gaining popularity locally where Japanese anime is still hot for decades amidst the raise of Korean series and movie over couple of years in Asia. At UDX Tokyo Anime Centre the cute blue Doraemon really drew my attention as anime clips where goodies are drawn out from the tiny front pocket flash in my mind. Yeah!!!

Left: UDX, Akihabara: Akihabara 3D Theathre Studio
Right: Tokyo Anime Center, Akihabara

Doraemon is so cute!!! :)

Both: Original drafts of Doraemon

Both: Anime & Manga Shops in Akihabara

Left: Manga Can food Right: Manga Models

Akihabara is not just about anime or manga. In fact, Akihabara has been increasingly gaining fame as the hub of electronics gadget. Its landmark building would be Yodobashi-Akiba. Yodobashi is mega electronics chain in Japan. The multi-storey building houses a vast range of electronics products from the latest laptop model to the trendiest mp4 player, from the biggest LCD screens to the sleekest PDA phone. A visit to Yodobashi may take hours for electronics geeks as ones be completely blown away with the vast variety and features offered there. Besides UDX & Yodobashi, streets around Akihabara are lined up with shops and mega malls selling manga & electronics shop. Japanese manga models could be seen posting at store front promoting the release of the latest manga.

Left: Yodobashi-Akihabara Right: Inside Yodobashi

The burstling Akihabara Electronics and Manga street

What an excellent experience that I gained here even though it is a mere 1.5 hours tour. Yeah, it is a free Akihabara walking tour hosted by Japanese Tourism board during "Yokoso Japan" which means "Welcome to Japan". Best of all, the tour crowd is small and the tour lead is a nice Chinese lady that explains to clearly making every effort to make feel at home. Thank You very much!

Oh ya, the tour comes with free lucky draw of free lunch meal in UDX centre and since there are only 4 of us, one ticket lands at each side of the group. The kind Philipines couple are willing to give them to us. Thank you so much. But, we didn't have a chance to enjoy it because we were leaving the next day so we gave them to Ji Kong a friend that works in Tokyo.

Left: Group photo at the end of the tour.
Right: Stanley & me at Akihabara Tour counter


velverse said...

Tottemo kawaii neh!!!

I like I like. Got anymore manga snacks left for me?

Elvin Ong said...

Hehe... all inside my stomach. :P
But, I do have manga poster and VCD... keke