Sunday, August 26, 2007

Koh Samui Trip Day 4

Lazing in Varinda Resort (

Nothing could be more reviving after an exhausted round island trip than to see sunrise from Varinda Resort. Yes, probably the rest of the resort residents would choose to sleep through the morning but not us, particularly me as I was seeking for the serenity in the morning. The trip has been relaxing and enjoyable so much so that I wished it to be longer if not forever... Maybe it is silly to think that waking up early would give me more time to dwell in this wonderland but wouldn't it be more silly not to experience the good moments to the fullest. What could be more gentle and warming than to let the first ray of the morning sun touch your face from the horizon while closing your eyes? Refreshing and energizing....

Varinda Resort Pool side

As the day become brighter, I suggested to the folks to enjoying fresh and chilled coconut direct from the fridge. Too bad, I had mine a night before and nobody offers me any... sob sob.

So, what is the chemical reaction of mixing refreshing coconut water with the energizing sunshine at the pool-side? Crazy and playful youngsters. As some of us were digging the coconut flesh, professional Nikon D70 took its position snapping multiple shots of big head photos using wide-angle len. It was really fun!!!

Who's who? YP, KS, CP, SK, AT & Me (clockwise from Top-left)
Can see Popeye the sailorman?

What came next? Morning swim!!! Yes, morning swim has always been my favorite thing to do whenever I find the time back in Penang. The morning swim in Varinda Pool with awesome ariel view of the enchanting Lamai Beach was heaven to me. A perfect place to relax is the waterfall part of the pool. Clinging myself over the edge of the fall, I was enjoying a harmonious symphony of birds' chirpings, bees' hummings and sound from water drops. Yes, this is the typical morning you can expect in Varinda Resort.

Talk about having breakfast in Varinda Resort. The setup of the cafeteria is cozy with wooden stools, chairs and tables. Situated on the hilly end of Lamai Beach, the resort gives a feel of having breakfast inside a hut-like cafeteria in the middle of tropic forest. Yeah, Set B for me please. The morning breakfast was a kind treat to us as we were served a plate of cute tiny "Yau Char Kuai" that best eaten with Coffee'O. Yes, I always like eating fruits for breakfast...

SingKing's aromatic coffee snapped in perfect geometrical contrast

This morning we decided to just relax ourselves and not travel far. Yeah, we really meant relax when we said it. 6 of us went for Thai massage which I picked oil massage to heal my sunburn on both of my shoulders from the snorkeling trip. The massage lasted one hour and cost 300Baht. Well, it was relaxing + ichy + soothing for my sunburn = giggles + ouchs . :P

After massage we decided to have lunch at Varinda before our flight at 5pm. Alright, I think I owed the owner an apology as I doubted her claims when I first asked her about any good restaurant recommendation on the first day. Yeah, Thai food in Varinda was really Thais style unlike other that we have tried before that were customized to westerner's taste. We have Seafood Clear Tom Yum, Mixed Vegetables, Thai Style Omelette with Musroom and chicken and Panang Chicken (Coconut Milk Thai Curry). As dessert, we have deep fried pineapple and banana that come with condensed milk, something unusual... hehe

Our Lunch on 13th Aug 2007

The 3 musketeers

While we were waiting for the pick-up van to transfer to air port, multiple photos were taken around the Varinda Resort. Come to think of it, the trip was really just a teaser and it should be longer as I put ut a night before that I need more rest after this trip than my normal working days.

Probably, I should plan another trip that is just one week beach vacation in Koh Tao for snorkeling, jungle trekking and picnicking by the beach with volley ball game. Anybody interested?

Left: Lamai Beach Right: This way to beach and town please...

Oh ya, I am so much in love with the dogs in Varinda Resort. They are so cuteeeee!! In fact, there is a good collection of dog statues in the garden as some may miss it. I missed the dogs so much. Too bad, I am staying in an apartment where dog raising is illegal. When I have my house next time, I will love to have a Dalmatian and a Basset Hound. :) So, let me present the cute dogs in Varinda Resort. Ta da!!!!

Left: Golden Retriever (Ah Wong) Right: ShiChi (Ah Mou)

Dachshund (Ah Cheong)

Left: Maltese (Xiao Hei) Right: Dog Statues

Varinda Resort is really a nice and cozy resort managed by a family. The resort is rather new and situated at the hilly end of Lamai Beach overseeing the 3km of white sandy coastline. In fact the resort punch line "Stay on the hill but feel like you are by the sea" is so appropriate. I like the friendliness of the owners and staffs here which make me feel like in home. It is definitely a resort that I would recommend if you are not too particular about staying on the beach.

In appreciation for your warm hospitality, allow me to present my thoughts for you ...
Varinda Resort

A resort in the Garden of Eden

with good scenic view of Lamai Beach while you
stayed connected to your MSN friends.

Be satisfied with exquisite dining experience
in wooden hut decorated with dangling shells and corals.

Be enchanted by elegant sculptures at corners most unexpected
where careful observation would reveal her inner beauty.

When night arrives you can rest in serenity
and feel refreshed the next morning.

A place one feel like at home....

A place one will leave in smile, joy and satisfaction.

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