Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bukit Hijau Waterfall: WoW!!!

Bukit Hijau Waterfalls
29th Sept 2007, Kedah.
Just got back from an excellent trip to Bukit Hijau Waterfall, Kedah. Awesome is the word in my mind now as I recollect on those picturesque waterfalls, 7 of them. For convenience of visitors, sturdy bridges, proper walkways and pavilions are constructed along the wap up the waterfalls. The humid environment sheltered by forest canopy makes it a perfect place to escape the hot weather in the city. Particularly, what draw my attention is moss. Yes, moss. Why? The various types of moss can be found everywhere:- rocks, trees, walkways. Personally, to a certain degree, these greenish moss carpets give Bukit Hijau a feel of Japanese Garden in the mystical tropic jungle.

1st Fall.

Sturdy Bridge across water stream

Decorative moss besides river stream

Big rock covered with hanging moss

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?

Hairy Moss

A casual walk up the hill soon brought me to the 2nd fall that appears majestically on the left where rapid stream plunges approximately 20-meter from the top in the midst of forest garden. Wow!!! I actually think this most scenic fall of Bukit Hijau because of its set-up. Simply breath-taking. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to swim at the spot.

The gorgeous and sleek 2nd fall

Shortly after 2nd fall is the 3rd fall that has the biggest swimming pool. Because of its size and the water is gentle and shallow, this area is normally packed with people, typically suitable for family outing. However, the area nearer to the fall is the very dangerous because of the under current. So becareful ya!!!!

Big pool at 3rd fall

Mini "Niagra Fall" ?

4th, 5th & 6th falls are not apparent and you may miss it if you don't observe it closely. You can see them as you continue your climb up. These falls are close to each other and they are just right after the upper part of 3rd fall. Water is very drastic here and nobody is allowed to swim.

Finally, I arrived at the 7th fall and it is amazing. Compared to 2nd fall, this fall is unique because of the stair-case like rockface. Due to its height and closer to the water source, the water here is really cold. Not forgetting to mention, the air here is very refreshing because of its ionic environment created naturally as the water falls down and hits the water surface. Leaning against the rockface and letting the falling water giving my shoulders free massage is simply heavenly.

Good tip: Bring salt to repel leeches and plasters for wound.

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