Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wish I am at this place tonight ....

This is not a travel guide entry.

I wish that the mid-autumn full moon can perform magic tonight. I wish that Trevi Fountain is in front of me when I open my eyes fulfilling my wish to come to this place again. A place where I can spend hours appreciating those vividly crafted sculptures as I recollect on my life change in recent 3 years as I reach out to draw energy and gather courage to move forward ...

A while ago, I was reading an entry by Danielle which coincidentally touches me at the right spot of my heart at the right time. Yes, as much as I want to listen to my inner voice at this moment, I want to devote time to listen to His too. Though Faith is weak and trumbling now but I know that given the correct spirit it will be revived. Where else can be the best place for this now than Fontana de Trevi, Rome.

Many visit the place for its unique romantic atmosphere but it is the serenity that I seek after. An in-depth search for peace that will open the blind eyes, unlock the dead-fear and lit the heart-candle. As I remember ancient scriptures that say "More is less. Less is more", life passes at the blink of eyes if I don't pause to reflect. Serenity seems less but it is more to me now. More to life than any other thing.

The centre piece of the fountain presents two horses fighting against the capturers with all their strength, a perfect reflection of my heart's voice. Yes, I want to be passionate in what I am doing and continue to brave myself against raging waves of challenges zealously and whole-heartedly.

As I recall the evolvement of this fountain that spans 100+ years and its glory now, I can't help but be amazed how fruitful perseverance can be. Yes, it is perseverance not men that creates this masterpiece. It also rekindles my belief "building thy house on the rock not sand" which requires a great deal of perseverance.

As those past events flash vividly in my mind, both positive and negative, would change my life in a positive way as long as I have strong Faith. Faith may seems a big word to mention now but my conscience compels me to put it down as it becomes clear to me how life can creep into perplexity along side with fading faith.

Surely, of all the virtues put forth, Faith is the Key.

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