Sunday, October 21, 2007

London Spot: Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square (鸽子广场) - a square once full of pigeons; a square that got her name from Cape of Trafalgar, South-West of Spain. Huh?!! Why Spain? Isn't Trafalgar Square one of the famous landmark of London, UK?

History tells that under the leadership and inspiration of Admiral Nelson, 27 British fleet destroyed an allied French and Spanish fleet of 33 ships of Cape of Trafalgar. To commemorate the naval victory during Napoleonic Wars (Battle of Trafalgar), a square, situated in centre of west-end London, is constructed - Trafalgar's Square.

Knowing about the background of the square, my mind wonders, "Where is Admiral Nelson?" :) His statue is located at the top of Nelson's Column that is erected at the centre of the square. It is his inspiration and ability to bring out the best of his men that brought this decisive victory to Britain during the Napoleonic Wars. Unfortunately, he died in the battle with his last words "Thank God I have done my duty"
So, are you looking forward to be at such remarkable square after your pleasant London Eye ride? Simply, cross River Thames by using Milennium Bridge and walk towards the square as indicated in the map below:

National Gallery stands at the north side of the square with exquiste collection of arts from different eras and themes. Entrance is free with donation box for generous patrons who wish to contribute to sustain the operation of the gallery.

Tips: Looking for place to replenish your drinking bottle? Outside the lower-ground washroom of National Gallery is the place. ;)

National Gallery at the North side of Trafalgar Square.

Left: St. Martin's-in-the-Fields Church
Right: Beautiful Fountain

Left: Water Foutain
Right: Nelson's Column

Next: Tower Bridge. Stay tuned and take the ride with me ... soon.

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