Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Titlis Swiss Alp Snowman

Blessed Christmas to all.....

It has been 2 months since my previous blog. Forgive for being really sluggish due to JOB. Really this Christmas was splendid day for me because of a run of activities in Church. As a matter of fact, I could not talk about food now after being over pampered with finger-licking foods - turkey with cranberry souce & lamb with mint souce and etc....

Before my write-up of my cool snow man on 3020meter Swiss Alp, I just would like to clarify that Christmas is really not about Santa Claus. It is about Jesus Christ that was born in a manger in Bethlehem on this day. A day that is very significant in the history of time when God has sent His only Son to Earth to show His LOVE to the world. More on

Mount Titlis is a famous tourist spot in the heart of Switzerland. Train ride connecting Lucerne to Engelberg is just an hour with breaktakingly scenic view of Swiss lush and hills. From Engelberg Station, the cable car station to Mount Titlis is just merely 15-minute walk. The ascend to the peak of Mount Titlis offers excellent bird-eye view of Engelberg town which is surrounded by pine trees. The last ride is indeed on the world's first revolving cable car. Cool ya!!!

Mount Titlis Station has restaurants serving pipping hot food and beverages. At the top of the station is the exit to the ice-filled plateau where astonishingly beautiful Swiss Alps are standing.

Left: Malaysia Flag at the Entrance. Yeah!
Right: Entrance to Mt. Titlis

Left: Lake in the middle of the ride.
Right: Notice in "Bahasa".

Left: Ice Grotto
Right: Swiss Alp in mid October

Left: View when ascending to Titlis Alp
Right: Swiss Mountains from Engelberg

Snowman making was probably the task that I couldn't afford to miss. Thinking it was probably an easy quest, soon it dawned on me that it took enormous amount of efforts to make a considerably huge snowman. Worst of all is I didn't bring my glove. Numbness is the appropriate word for my hands when it is done. So, tell me if you think the snowman is cool and sexy. No carrot as nose..... haha....

All the efforts are worth when tourists asked for permission to take photos with my snowman. Yippie!!!

Moving ice for my snowman

Finally, I am not sure whether it is coincident or by purpose, I found out that there is a cable car with Jalur Gemilang (Malaysian's Flag) and it is numbered 57 (Malaysia gained her independence on 1957). Surely, this special car took me down Titlis Alp that day with smilling face full of satisfaction of a great day that I had in 2004. Passing Christmas Spirit to:

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