Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lovey Gold Coast

A lovey Gold Coast Trip
A while ago, I was marking the sites that I have conquered in facebook and shamefully realized that zero travel count in down-under. Ghee... it will be my next destination! Ever since I left UK, I have not been travelling to any westerner country. (Wait...Australia is not on the west also LOL). My recent travels were more focus in Asia most recent Koh Samui... "Work-Eat-Run-Sleep" x N days later, the DAY comes, 31st Jan.

Smell of rendang chicken & nasi lemak filled the cabin as I unwrapped my dinner pack in AirAsia-X A310 flight to Coolangantta from LCCT. Yum yum... It is heavenly food despite the RM20 per pack. Ex? Well.... portion is generous and the rendang chicken is really scrumptious. Way way better than western meal.

Tip: Go go go for Nasi Lemak not any other meal on your way to Gold Coast.

Red Hot AirAsia-X landed on Coolangatta Airport

The entrance to Australia was really really tight. I was questioned left right and centre and including my back. Ok, I didn't say "examine".. ;) What I mean is the officer really asked a lot of questions to make sure I am not one of those "jumpers" . I even need to reach out for my wallet from my back pocket to pass her my IC. Thus, left, right, centre & back! Hehehe....

Transportation to your accomodation.
Ok, this is a fairly important topic... because I think if my friends have told me about how the transportation here works, I would have saved $$. The moment you came out from the custom check, you will notice queue of people lining up to procure their airport transfer to hotel.$33 (return) & $18(single). This airport transfer will fetch you to a spot in certain area and you have to walk to your own hotel. So, not a direct air-port transfer. :S If money is not your concern, I guess $33 (return) is better deal than a cab which starts at $4 and the your wallet cents leaks every like 3-5seconds or 10metres. Ex!!!

Let me tell you how the transportation works, Gold Coast, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast transportation (bus & train) is managed by Translink:
Zone coverage:$file/080212_map_network_GoldCoast.pdf).
Example: From Coolangatta airport (zone 18) to Surfer Paradise (zone 14) crosses 4 zones, and if you are traveling on weekend (off-peak), single fare is $3.60 and offpeak daily (multiple rides) is $5.40.
$18.00 "door-to-door" service Vs Normal bus service $3.60 on bus 700. Your choice!!!!
Note: one caveat with normal bus service is you need to walk from the airport to the main road to board on bus which is about 500meters (Map ref: So young back-packer.. I know your choice! :)

Beaches along Gold Coast
Along the coastline of Gold Coast, there are multiple spots where tourists would stay. Depending on your nature of travelling you may want to choose a quieter sub-urn likes Broadbeach over happening and tourist-packed Surfers Paridise. Main beach is what I called posh area... so my choice is...

Surfers Paradise
The Paradise is full of activities and lots of food choice here. Yes, most youngsters hang out here and don't be suprised to see a melting pot of skin colours overhere. I noticed there are quite a bit of Japanese and Korea here probably due to the cold winter back in the home.

What is next? A pair of sandals is what I need. Ya, manage to get a japanese sandal made in china for $3 with OZ flag as decoration. Check out below. At the point of buying, I didn't realize it is rather good for adding little spice onto my pictures. Another thing not to be miss is Hungry Jack's burger. C, you are right! Burgers here rock! Whopper Stunner Deal with Cookie Cream Ice-cream at $6.00 is good deal! Haha...

Burger King = Hungry Jack's
Coast guard points are set-up along the white and fine coastline. It is important to swim in the area marked by the tall yellow-red pole. Talk about the beach and the wave. Wow.. it was really nice and salty as well. The seabed slowly extends out where I could stand some 50 meters from the beach with the sea level at my chest. Yes, the standing myself against the wave is fun. Playful I must say. Sometimes, it just surges high and splashes over me. Sometimes, the wave appears to be from the 45 degree right and suddenly one appears 30 degree left. Love it! Not to forget sun-block is very important due to the high UV level. In fact, the number killer in Australia is skin cancer. I was really tanned when I was there but recovering now.

Coast guard in business. No they don't charge u.. :)

Left: Red-yellow flag pole Right: Me @ SurfersParadise

Surfers Paradie: Sun bathing & Wave Surfing Paradise

Left: Towards southern Right:Towards Nothern

Croc AVP Beach Volleyball Competion on 17th Feb
Service Apartments are everywhere in Gold Coast. The rate is competitive at $300-350 per week for 2 stars over $400-500 per week for really good ones. If you plan to stay long, go for service apartment as you can cook inside and Woolworth (Woolie - how the local calls it) is very assessible in Surfers Paradise.

Most of the time, my friend and I were cooking our meals but I will cover some here... We have seafood platter in Seafood Mania. The waiters here are really good at selling. Give you a free garlic bread voucher if you buy a meal with them. Well, the food is alright was not fantastic. But, worth a try.

Left: Garlic Bread Right: Seafood Platter

Kebab is something I like when I was studying in UK. I find Theo's Kebabs good and the price is reasonable. Try the Humus source. :) I got myself a kebab and a can of Solo Lemonade. Woo lala.... It cost me $8.20.

Hardrock cafe is around the corner too... and my brain just trick me into it. It is an expensive habit. Haha... but... this is probably the only time I spent a lot on my clothes. Most of the time, I am a casual wearer. Citi Tee design is not interesting and I go for a classic hardrock black colour shirt.

Copenhagen Ice Cream seems selling really well under the hot sun. 2 scoops for $7. Ex! Tried it and it was so-so. Too sweet for me. However, you must at least try one..... how can you not? Gelatisimo, an Italian ice-cream franchise is not far from Copenhagen which happens to be next to Hardrock. It was rather good and price was relatively cheaper than Copenhagen's. However, the mamamia experience that I have in Della Palma Ice-Cream, Rome was simply unbeatable!!!


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thanks for the cute fridge magnet from there. :)

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where have mr. elvin gone missing to? No more travel post?

Elvin Ong said...

Mr Elvin gone missing in snorkelling in pulau redang. Haha.... Just got back and was kissed by too many seabugs.

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Absolutely love ur post where u described all the interesting places that u hv been to.

I m now in kyoto Japan, havent got the chance to go around Japan yet. But ur post about Japan will serve as a bible to me shud u decide to get away from Kyoto during the summer.

However, sad to know that during ur stay in Jpn, u stayed in posh hotels which is way beyond the reach of a poor college student.

Guess i would have to find dirt cheap/free accommodation by myself.

Mind if i ask wat is ur occupation as u seem to hv all the liberty to travel around the world.u r not a host for some travel programme, are u?haha.

Do u give out ur email so that i can ask u directly about ur trips?

Elvin Ong said...

Hi Lim,
Glad that you enjoy my travel post on Japan. I am an engineer and on-and-off I got the chance to travel on business.
I can be reach However, I cannot promise anything on my promptness in replying your question.