Saturday, August 6, 2011

Travel Memorabilia

A Collection To Remember

I am sure that a lot of my friends who travel frequently abroad will pop into souvenir shop to grab memorabilia, I am not exempted for sure. In this blog, I intend to share some of my collections over these years. Perhaps, you would have some similar collection as I do. :)

Fridge Magnet
Despite many forwarded emails that claim putting magnets on fridge are not wise because it would create magnetic fields and alter the cell polarity and structure of the food inside the fridge, ahem... my fridge is really full of magnets! For me, when I look-up a magnet in souvenir shop, I look for uniqueness of the design. Most of the times, I would pick landmarks type or scenery type as long as they are unique. :)
When I traveled to Australia Zoo (North of Brisbane), suddenly I have an idea to get 4 of the same shapes but different contents for the following layout. Nice right? ;)

Diamond-shape Magnetic Road Signs from Australia Zoo

Miscellaneous Souvenirs
Ha ha ha, of course, there are also a lot of instances that I would pick small figurines, crafts, bookmarks during my travel. Well, those souvenirs will go into my display case. They are sort of nice when is under the lime-light.
Pisa Tower (Italy), Trevi Fountain (Italy), Japanese Fans, Vikings (Denmark)
Art Japanese Fan (Kyoto), Venetian Masks.

Wall Art
Wall arts are rare among my collection, but the following two are hand-picked by Lynn & myself during our recent Hanoi Trip. We wanted something to match the wall-color and also something that gives perspective, so we bought this hand-stitch drawings from one of the stop-over Art Center on the way to Halong Bay from Hanoi. It is hand-made by under-privilege ones that were handi-capped during Vietnam war.
Hand-stitch Drawings between Hanoi & Halong Bay
Oil Painting from Hanoi

We bought this Pinocchio in Florence (Firenze) during our honeymoon. It is a fun souvenir because he dances when you pull the little string. However, we bought it at an expensive price. Sob Sob... it would normally cost about Euro10-12 but we paid Euro20 at Piaza Della Repubblica.

Cuckoo Clock
Triberg Germany is famous for Cuckoo Clock. It was one of a stop-over during our honeymoon. If you fancy cuckoo clock, this is the place that you should come: 1000-house-of-clock.

Jigsaw Puzzle
During my last trip to Taiwan, I fall in love with a series of jig-saw puzzles from Renoir Puzzle. If you carefully look each of the following puzzles, these puzzles talk about our love story in a way. Yes, I like the green-color theme puzzles because they give refreshing feel. (Red Face) These puzzles are still inside the box unopened. Where to get them, I mark it here at Google map.

Lynn travels alone in Europe hoping to catch her Mr Right :P
Elvin lays on grass field waiting for his Miss Right. (Trusting God to provide actually)

Elvin & Lynn finally Meet Each Other

Both Elvin & Lynn Home Sweet Home now...

The 3D Sphere Puzzles which are super cool

Owls Collection
Introducing my top-priority collection - OWL. Someone asked me why owl? Because Owl is elegant and idiom has it "Wise as an OWL". Actually, I think owl is kind of cool and unique in comparison to dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, etc. To be frank, looking for an owl is no joke during travel. Not many souvenir shops offer owl and especially really nice one! So, enjoy my collection from: Koh Samui, Penang, Ipoh, Bali, Venice, Taiwan, Truberg, Shenzhen, Melaka, Australia.
I recently came back from New Zealand and sadly I couldn't a nice owl. So, as replacement, Lynn and I got the Kiwis, a family of four Kiwis ...

Hard-rock City-Tee
I did collect quite a bit of Hard-rock City Tees in the early days of my travel. Today, I have become really selective on such collection. Partly, it is because the price is really expensive and secondly the quality of city-tee is somewhat lousy after few washes. :(
Perhaps, I should start collecting drum sticks from Hard Rock since I am picking it up nowadays....(grins)


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