Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Special Edition: Call for Earth Environmentalists

Recent months have seen extreme climate change not only in Penang but in many parts of the world. As I was following many news on natural disasters that hit China, Germany, Czech and Russia, I feel saddened by many lives that have lost. Have my heart become hardened with some many such news over and over again? Often my life would move on as usual after all it does not happen to me. Well, my inner spirit convicts me of being swept away for so long by my busy life and my lukewarmness towards things that did not happen to me. I have felt impetus driven outwardly to dedicate blog on being responsible to Earth for more than 2 weeks now. So, despite my original plan to write a blog on Rome, here I am writing this special edition on this important topic with the hope to instill in you some idea that we should have and right attitude that we should be harnessing.

Often as I travelled around and spotted many picturesque moutains, alps or rivers and be constantly amazed by how beautiful God has created it. Truly, this beautiful world was entrusted to us since Year-1 and, with a grateful heart, we should be a good steward of it. Deep inside us, we know that we are not the "monkeys which are entrusted with beautiful flower"!!

As I was flicking back on my many photos taken, I can't help but to share with you some of the most scenic natural spots that I have been.

Mt Fuji @ Hakone

Koh Tao Glacier River @ Jungfraujuch

Once, I read a news article about the effects of massive magnetic polarity created when massive dam like the one in China is built. Such abnormal magnetic pole is hypothesized to invite many unprecendented and undesired big & small earthquakes in China.
For details, refer]

So, is it a right choice when we turn on the 2nd largest dam in Asia which happens to be just on the east side of Malaysia? Only time will tell.
The following photo was taken when a huge flood swamped the northern part of Switzerland during my recent journey. The natural force is so powerful that I could just stand in awe. Will such powerful force hits us at home ground one day? My conscience reckons that I should do more than just watching the news and feel sad for those affected or just make another donations out of compassions.
Nay, to much relief, the above photo is just a "special-angle" shot of Scaffhausen Fall in Northern Switzerland. Today, the fall is flowing rightfully along the safe route. But, could it be another potential disaster if we continue to be selfish?

Raine Fall @ Schaffhausen

Yes, I intended to use this blog to inspire more Earth Environmentalists or Activists who dear to wear the blue shirt-with a big S in the middle like below. Haha... Forgive my humour here. But, I really want to urge to have the big striking "S" in you for this beautiful place called Earth. I think, this "S" stands for Sensitive. Yes, be Sensitive for Earth.

During my travels, I have come across some practical steps that we can take in our daily chores. To name a few:
  • Switch off your car engine when waiting at traffic lights. Let the air-con runs on battery instead of fuel. [Practiced in Japan & Bangalore!!!]
  • Eat less meat because meat induces gas released from us and it smells bad tooo... ;)
  • Use air-con responsibly. At least only turn on for short period of time to cool down your bedroom. Big No No No to all-day 24-hour air-con.
  • Plan your shopping and avoid making multiple trips to cut the fuel consumption.
  • Take a walk to shops or consider getting a bicycle for short-distance travel.
  • Support your local grocery shop for simple quick-buy rather than just travel some few kilo-metres away to hypermarket for cheaper product. You burn fuel and create more CO2 actually.

There are many good ideas that we can do to be a good steward of God's creation for us. Do you have good ideas to share? Why not walk the talk and start be sensitive towards her today?


Yi Yang 阿阳 said...

boon, thanks for this good article.
I will link this to my blog & Facebook, informed me if there is any conflicts to you.
together we save the Earth, our Only mother. :)

Elvin Ong said...

You are more than welcome to tag it. :)

Just think that we need to be responsible in our act.

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