Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Euro 2010 Master Plan

After my recent back-pack, I was often asked is it easy to back-pack in Europe especially due to the language barriers in this continent. Well, for those who are yet to do it, my number-1 advice is to get yourself a Eurorail Pass! With this pass, you tap into a very extensive rail network across many countries in Europe. Best of all, you are free from all the worry of unpredictable volconic ash from Iceland that once grounded many flights.

Next, you really need to do your homework by reading a lot of travelogue, looking-up google map, reading up more travel guide book, both english and mandarin, then chat with more people who have done it and many many more of work...... It is going to be brain-juice squeezing and eye-poppingly tiring to finally come out with a plan but later find out that it isn't perfect because you miss this spot and miss that spot which is covered by other.

Haha... really what make a travel plan tricky is connecting the dots formed by places to visit, places to dine in, hostel to stay, train to take and weather to consider....
Luckily, it is not my intention to discourage you from back-packing and also another reason is that Lynn & I just sealed the renovation deal for our sweet home this evening. So, I decided to be kind and share out our plan freely as shown below for your reference. It is not the perfect plan but close to in its own right. ;P

In addition, I want to give a gift of useful websites to help you craft out your own travel plan:

Another good news is that most of the train ticket machines operate in multi-lingual. It is just as simple as choosing the origin, destination, date to travel. After few selection, the relevant connecting trains are listed. However, do plan ahead before you travel on the day. Machines could be jammed with long queue sometimes.

Another good news for couple who plan to go honey-moon with Eurorail Pass is the couple pass which is cheaper.

To add some spice to this blog, I decided to share my one of my favorite photos in this trip. To few of you, it might as well qualified as a Windows 7 deskstop wall-paper. hahaha....

So, how about planning your stay? Ghee... I am always a budget person when come to stay. I am a hostel person and not so a hotel person. Some websites that I often use are:


But, of course you can refer to our choice except the one in Naples... which is a nightmare when you need to take bath (cold water in winter...:S). Our top recommendation is the Guelfa hotel in Florenze (Firenze). http://www.hotelguelfa.com/en/index.php. The handsome and helfpful owner, Mr Massimo, is simple awesome, because he upgraded us to have a private room with attached bathroom. :)

Last not forgetting, is our Malaysia's Amazing budget airline that flies direct from LCTT to Stansted Airport. Do get the entertainment system though to keep you accompanied for just RM30 per trip.

So, here you go, the 3 key tools that I used to plan our honey moon trip and another photo to remind me of how blessed I am to have my beautiful wife who changed the plan slightly to cover Almafi Coast. :)

Almafi Coast, Italy

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